The Chastity and Sexual Submission Contract

The day had finally arrived that James would sign a sexual submission contract with his Mistress and would get locked up in an actual chastity device for the duration that She would see fit. It had taken him months to prove to his Goddess that he was worthy of wearing such a device. James had not slept well, tossing and turning in anticipation, thinking of how he was going to hand over the power of his sexual tool to his Goddess. That morning, he got up. He groomed himself the way he imagined his Domina would like him to, got dressed in his best suit and took a taxi to Her apartment.

Standing outside Her building, he started to have some doubts. He wondered if he should still go ahead with it, whether he was ready for this big step. He took a deep breath and rang the doorbell on the intercom. His Mistress buzzed open door to the building and nervously James hurried into the elevator. When he reached Her floor, he walked instinctively to his Mistress’ apartment, the apartment where he had been so many times before and where all his BDSM dreams had come a reality. All but one! He hoped this last dream would materialize for him today.

His Goddess opened the door and he was instructed to enter and go down on his knees. His head was down and he stared at the floor. James didn’t dare to look up without permission. He heard the clicking of Her heels on the tiles and knew She was walking towards Her desk. There was the sound of a drawer being opened. He was still on all fours patiently waiting for what would come next.

All of sudden She was right next to him.
She grabbed his chin in her own special way and She ”caressed” him using her very pointy long red nails.
“Look at me” she ordered and James held his breath. His Goddess looked stunning. Maybe more than ever. She was wearing in a figure-hugging red leather dress. Her make-up was impeccable and her hooped earrings completed what James thought was absolute perfection.

”My slave, today is your big day” she said, giving him a warm smile. “Good morning my Mistress” he replied in awe.
It was at that moment that all doubts that he had felt that morning just melted away and he knew he was ready to serve His Queen for eternity.

For a moment James felt he was dreaming and hadn’t even noticed that his Mistress had put a dog collar around his neck.
She ordered him to take off his pants. He rushed to obey Her. He kneeled in front of Her.
She grabbed him by the dog collar, waved a contract in front of his face, dropped her pen on the floor and told him to sign the contract. He did what he was told.

His Mistress smiled and said: “I already owned you but now I also own your orgasms”
She put the chastity device on his cock and locked it with a special key. She placed the key on her necklace.  James made the mistake to beg if he could cum one last time. Her answer was: ”you lost that privilege the moment you signed that contract and you now only cum when I say so”.
James blushed with embarrassment regretting he dared to even ask this question and stuttered ” I am so sorry Mistress”.
She informed him that he could leave now and when she expected him back to have the chastity device removed. She said that in the meantime that he would definitely suffer and realize She totally owned him.

She pointed at her perfect toes peeping through her gorgeous stiletto heels. He knew he was expected to kiss his Majesty’s feet, kissed each toe and left the apartment on cloud nine.

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