Teaching a time-wasting pig boy a lesson

It was my first ever FemDom session. I was scheduled to submit myself to Mistress Gabriela today. I kept calling her again and again disturbing her daily routine and after lots of begging she decided to give me a chance making me into her pain slut. 

Mistress had ordered me to book a suite in the Burj Al Arab and commanded to greet her in the lobby. She arrived in off-white snake leather high heels wearing a sexy black Gucci leather dress which I had send her in advance as a gift.

A few minutes later I was upstairs in her company in the spacious suite. I was told to take off my clothes and stood there feeling a little nervous about my naked body. At that moment I knew I would do anything to please my Dominatrix. I was getting more and more intoxicated by her scent and could only image how it would be to smell her gorgeous feet. She made me wear a leather dog collar and instructed me strictly,: “You will wear this in my presence all times, even if we go out”. I could see a tag on the collar saying ‘Property of Mistress Gabriela’. I was now officially a Female Domination slave & this was not a date but a real BDSM experience in Dubai with my Mistress.

“You are leaking like a broken tap from between your legs” she pointed at my member, “That’s pathetic” she me gave a disgusting look.

Minutes later I was pushed onto my stomach, ball sack stretched with a humbler, my wrists & ankles hogtied, a perfect position for a pig like me. 

I heard the clicking sound of her heels coming close to me. She stood right next to me placing her heels & those perfect high arched feet right next to my face. A dream to any feet fetishist or high heel fetishism for that matter.

“What you are about to experience is called FemDom heel trampling and this will crush your ego & confidence bringing it down to a level where I want it”. Then I felt a sudden pinch on my back. I couldn’t move because my arms and legs were in the bondage restraints. I was completely helpless. She started walking all over me as if I was her private rug leaving red heel marks all over.

“You feel that helplessness slave boy?” “You need to live with it, you just can’t message me, again and again, thinking I’m available for you, it’s me who decides if you are worthy of my attention” I got off and stood between my legs crushing my tiny cock “Have I made myself clear?” My strong dominant Madame exerted pressure and I replied, “Yes! Yes!” The pain was unbearable. “Yes who?” she exerted more pressure. “Yes Mistress Gabriela” I replied again instantly realizing my mistake.

She ordered me on all fours and sat on my back riding me like a pony slave with a horsewhip in her hand & wrapped her other hand on the leather collar and pulled me back, “Now you will take 20 whips for me, count every whip and thank me for it by saying, ‘Thank you Mistress Gabriela’ and if you lose count we will start all over again”.

Then came the first strike crack!

“Thank You Mistress Gabriela”. I took a deep breath and started counting. You could see this was a Domina who really enjoyed whipping her slaves.

“Aaaaah!” I screamed & lost the count. It was a hard, burning pain that came after a cracking sound was unbearable. “Don’t scream like pig, you want me to ball gag you, plus you lost the count so we’ll start again”

I received 20 lashes one by one, tears rolled down my cheeks as she took my face in her hands and kissed me on my cheek. “Good boy, you made me happy”.

She turned me around making me lay on my back. She told me to take her sexy stilettos off with my mouth and made me gag with her foot again and again while she stood tall over me observing the foot gagging. “Choke on it you pig, take it all in all the way back of your throat”.

“You did good for a beginner”. “After this experience of all this corporal pain, your body is releasing the endorphins”. This substance suppresses pain giving you a pleasant feeling, a kind of high feeling, making you horny”. “This makes you a piggy pain slut’’. She finally gave me permission to touch myself. 

“Goodbye, my little slave, we will meet again, but remember do not lose this dog collar otherwise I’ll get rid of you”. She walked out and closed the door behind her.

I lay there on the floor thinking about her. It was happiness that was in my heart and I wanted to feel that feeling forever.

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