Satin Fetish

The first association you may have with this fetish could be the image of a lady in an elegant long satin dress or even a lady wearing a classy satin nighty. However, satin pajamas, satin blouses, satin gloves, satin pillow covers, bed sheets and satin lingerie can also get the wildest fetish fantasies going for many of the satin lovers. Even something as simple as a satin ribbons and satin bows wrapped around a present can get the juices flowing or just the satin lining of a coat.

The satin fetishists can direct their interest towards someone wearing satin clothes but this can just as well be directed towards any item made out of satin or even just the material itself.

There are many side-fetishes related to the satin fetish. When it comes to forced feminization lovers, there are also a lot of men who adore wearing female satin attire indulging in cross-dressing to satisfy their craving for satin. Seeing satin being vacuumed by a vacuum cleaner is another side-fetish. Looking at satin puffy sleeves or Peter Pan collars with a satin bow tie, the fantasy of being thrown across a room wearing a satin martial arts uniform and being gagged with satin panties, are others… Then there is the black mail role play fantasy where the satin lover is forced to wear a satin dress and is being humiliated and threatened to be exposed by a mistress. There is also the tickling fetish where satin is used to tickle with, a satin clad giantess fetish, the wet satin fetish taking a fully clothed shower, breath play fetishes using satin items, a bondage fetish with mummification in a tight satin cocoon and many many more.

What is the appeal you may wonder? Satin is a beautiful smooth, soft material with lots of shine and is associated with luxury and elegance. Silk actually has similar properties so many satin lovers also have a silk fetish. Silk scarves are popular tools used in sensual bondage play.

Satin fetishists keep each other up-to-date by sharing bdsm websites and pictures regarding their favourite fetish via Satin Forums. They even exchange ideas on how to get masturbation stains out of their favourite satin items and how to deal with awkward questions from dry cleaning staff!

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