Nasophilia or Nose Fetish

A nasophile can have a special sexual attraction to a specific area of the nose like the nose bridge or the nostrils. Alternatively, he could have an extreme attraction towards a particular nose size or shape. 

A nose fetishist may have a fantasy to penetrate into the nostrils of his sexual partner with his finger or penis or may even have the fantasy to ejaculate into the nose. Other fantasies of nose lovers may include licking and sucking (nasolingus), stroking or feeling the nose of another person or have someone do this to the nose of the nasophile.

Less common Nasophilia Fantasies are:

  • Placing the fetishist’s nose into the eyes of his sexual partner.
  • Getting aroused picking his own nose.
  • Transformation Fantasies like the Pinocchio Fetish (a nose growth role play) or a Pig Nose Fetish using props like a pig’s snout for humiliation purposes.

Freud actually believed the nose to be a symbol for the penis.
Nasophilia is often shown in the pornographic Japanese animations called Hentai.

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