My Extraordinary Life as a Personal Slave

I am Many. I am a personal slave to a very sadistic and  distinguished elite Domme. It has been 2 years since I started being under her strict servitude. It has truly given my life meaning.

I vividly remember the day I met my Mistress. I was having a drink in an Irish pub in Dubai, when a beautiful tall lady caught my eye. She was wearing a cobalt blue tailored dress. It really showed off her slim body. You could clearly see that she had beautiful curves, in all the right places. Her elegant dress was paired with what were obviously expensive designer high heels. Her perfect nails were painted in a similar blue colour. My heart skipped a beat and my kinky feelings started flooding in.

I kept staring at her beautiful feet and noticed her silver anklet, not realising that she noticed me eyeing her up. After a while, she stood up from her seat, confidently walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “I know what you want.” I was speechless. Gobsmacked. This was clearly a very dominant and intuitive lady staring straight into my soul. From that moment I knew I could do anything for her.

Fast forward 2 months …. I got the incredible privilege to move into my Mistress’ villa in Dubai and become her personal slave. Her majestic home has an actual dungeon. It is a room designated to the joys of BDSM and stocked full of BDSM toys and equipment.
The dungeon has a bed with a leather sling and bondage cuffs to be restrained to the bed and have her way with me.  On the wall there is a St. Andrew’s Cross, to be used for bondage in a standing position.If my mistress is in the mood for spanking, she puts me over a leather spanking bench with my butt in the air. From the ceiling there is a special suspension bar and a hanging wooden bondage stockade. My beautiful Queen is well aware that two of my favourite fetishes are murga punishment and falaka. Just on very special days, like my birthday, she will allow me to have a very special treat and she then chooses one of my favourite fetishes as “a present”.Often she likes to do a special kind of facesitting. She then takes a seat in her queening chair. I am subsequently ordered to lie underneath the chair and ordered to pleasure her Majesty orally. 

If my Dominatrix has her boyfriend staying over, she likes to put me in the steel doggy kennel. This feels as if I am a cuckold, being degraded and humiliated watching them in bed from the doggy cage. I am not actually in a love relationship with my beautiful owner but she is the person I adore and live for. 

My only job is to make her life as comfortable as possible. I do all the household duties without making my presence felt, as if I don’t exist. I clean the house, do the dishes and the laundry. I even wash the dungeon towels which are used for other slaves who visit the house but I also take care of the garments like sissy lingerie used in forced feminization sessions. 

Out of all my domestic discipline tasks, I enjoy cooking for her the most. When my Queen’s boyfriend is visiting or food is needed for her ‘feet and food’ sessions, I am also expected to take care of preparing meals.There are times when my Domina is hungry herself during a session and I will then dress up as a butler or maid, depending on her mood. I serve her dinner on the back of a slave who she uses as human furniture.  

One of my absolute favourite tasks is cleaning her collection of heels with my tongue but of course especially while she is wearing them. Whenever she needs her personal slave, she just vibrates the butt in 3 quick succession. I then run down to her, kneel and wait for her command. 

The first day of the month is very special to me. This is the day I am locked out of chastity and given the opportunity to release. She has no doubt that I am devoted to her but ever since my Goddess has taken control of my orgasm, my devotion towards her grew more and more. She always makes sure I do not get my orgasm easily. She makes me lie on the floor with my face down and tie my hands and legs across the room making a cross. She pours a lot of oil on the already smooth tiles and tell me to release by rubbing myself on the floor. I find it very hard to find grip on the oily floor. Seeing me struggle amuses her and she laughs at me ever so sadistically. She gives me exactly 1 min to reach orgasm and keeps a stop watch in front of my face for me to see. If I am not done within the minute she locks me up and I have to wait the whole month for my next orgasm. 

She also likes to torment me while I am on all fours cleaning the floor. Sometimes she whips me or uses her paddle on my butt. Other times she steps on my back and tramples me with her high heels. When she is pleased with me, she jams her beautiful foot in my mouth and lets me suck her perfect toes. Whenever she does that, I reach orgasm within seconds. 

I have a perfect life and will remain a faithful slave to my Mistress till the day I die.

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