Macrophilia – Giantess Fetish

Having a sexual attraction to a superhuman sized woman.

This is in particular about being dominated, made to feel powerless, squashed, crushed, used for trampling, lifting and carrying and receiving corporal punishment from a giantess but also about worshiping the feet of a giant woman or her fetish boots.

This macro fetish or so-called GTS fetish is for a large part fantasy-based and has increased a lot in the recent years due to the internet and the use of macrophiliac virtual reality, animation etc.

Fantasies can also include the ‘lover of large’ to shrink in front of a normal sized person or be about their sexual partner growing into a giant.

Macrophilic behaviour in real life includes seeking extremely tall women to book a session with. These ladies are called ‘Amazons’. There are even Amazon Conventions (AmazonCon) where macrophiles can meet their ‘heroines’.

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