First anal play experience

Aman was nervously pacing back and forth in his apartment. He was waiting for Mistress Nia to arrive. He was about to have his very first anal play session. He watched pegging videos for years and felt it was time for himself to get “deflowered”.

The door bell rang and he hurried to open the door. Instinctively he kneeled before her with his head down. Mistress Nia, a beautiful Domina dressed in a leather jumpsuit showing of her stunning body, entered his home dragging a small suitcase behind her. He greeted her a nervously “Good Evening Mistress”. Leaving the suitcase near him, she walked right past him ignoring him completely.

Aman stood up from his submissive position, closed the front door, picked up the suitcase and went inside the living room.There he found Mistress Nia, who had made herself very comfortable sitting on his couch, crossed legged. It was such a sexy sight to see her dangling her high heels. She said in a stern voice “Strip”. He quickly started to undress. He stood there looking down to the floor, completely naked waiting for his Mistress’ next command. She told him to lie on the ottoman. He obeyed. She opened the suitcase, that she had brought with her, and took out a few leather bondage items. She cuffed his wrists to the front legs of the foot stool , then placed similar leather cuffs around his knees. When she was done, he could no longer close his legs and his ass was there ready and naked for her.  For just a little she left him there trapped, waiting in anticipation. His ass was on one end, his head on the other.

Again Mistress went back to her suitcase but this time she came back wearing a harness with a black dildo and positioned herself behind him. She wore a leather glove on one hand and started to apply lube around his ass hole and asked if her anal bitch was ready. He replied “Ooh Yes Mistress Nia”.

Mistress was very experienced and Aman trusted that she would give him a wonderful experience.  He had shared with her, when making the booking, that he was still a virgin anally. He knew she would take plenty of time with him taking things step by step. 

She started massaging his bootyhole but also his butt cheeks to numb the area and make it more comfortable to take this brand new anal slave’s virginity. She slowly started probing her finger in his glory hole using lots of lubricant. Aman closed his eyes. He really enjoyed this anal play. It was a dream come true. Her fingers were slipping in and out with ease. He was completely relaxed and at ease. She even did a lovely prostate massage on him. He was getting more and more aroused.

She then decided it was time. Mistress took out some anal beads and one by one started to insert them. When the first bead penetrated him, it wasn’t much bigger than her finger but right behind it the next bead felt a little bigger. And then another bigger and so on. She began to play with the beads, sliding them in and out of him. He started to enjoy it immensely.

Mistress yelled “Whose ass is this?” “This is your ass Mistress Nia” he replied. In and outit went, again and again with him reciting over and over. This went on for a few mnutes. He felt so powerless. She pulled all the beads out and without any warning she slowly thrusted her strap-on inside him. Aman didnt dare to make a sound. The pleasure was much bigger than the little pain he felt. She was thrusting with care at first. 
After a few minutes she started fucking him faster and faster. His prostate gland was getting stimulated by the dildo and he was getting more and more aroused. Mistress Nia saw that he was about to cum, she grabbed his balls and told him he was not he was not allowed to cum until she said so. He loved the idea of orgasm denial. Complete submission. Helpless under his Mistress complete control.Then, when he expected it the least, she removed all his bondage restraints, turned him around on his back, got herself into a naked face sitting position and aloud him to lick her and to touch himself.

It had definitely been an anal experience to be repeated again and again.

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