List of Possibilities

Even if your particular preference is not mentioned, do not hesitate to let me know.

Feet Fetish

Mistress is wearing a red stiletto high heel, fluorescent green on her toe nails and yellow on the pointy nails of her hand, ordering her slave, who is kneeling in front of her, to lick her feet.

Licking and kissing of feet, foot massage, foot choking, eating from my feet, clean or sweaty foot fetish, human foot stool

See more about Feet Fetish here

High Heel Fetish

Mistress Anita is wearing nylon stockings and is resting her black high heels with pearls in different colors on the face of her slave and one of the heels is forced into his mouth.

Stocking Fetish

Domina Anita sitting on grey sofa wearing fish net tights resting her perfectly pedicured feet with orange nail polish on the thigh and penis of her submissive.

Verbal Humiliation

Forced Feminization

U.A.E. Mistress Anita is sitting under a painting next to a flower vase wearing a kinky leather bracelet with silver studs and she is served by a sissy wearing a frilly maid's outfit with suspender belts and heels serving his goddess a cup of tea and cake.

Being turned into a lady, a sissy or even my bitch
Outfits, lingerie, shoes, make up and wigs are all available

Corporal Punishment

Dubai Mistress Anita is punishing her slave by standing on his foot soles with her black peep toe stiletto boots with golden zippers showing a glimpse of her red toe nails and fish nets.

Being hog-tied, falaka (bastinado), whipping, ear/hair pulling, over the knee spanking, nipple torture, candle play, cock and ball torture, trampling (with bare feet or with high heels), spanking, face slapping, whipping, caning, hand punishment etc
Specify: soft – medium – hard – extreme

Hand Fetish

Dubai Dominatrix Anita is wearing an off the shoulders red leather dress, black designer high heels with golden details and a black leather glove which is being kissed by her slave who is kneeled in front of her.

Kissing the Mistress’ hand

Arm Pit Fetish

Mistress Anita is wearing a pink blouse and is pointing with her long pink nails to her armpit instructing her slave, wearing a latex mask and black t-shirt, to smell her armpit.

Smelling or licking

Toilet Training

Dirty Fetishes

Eating or licking dirty things

Anal Training or Pegging

Dubai Mistress Anita is preparing her sissy for anal training and prostate massage on a black PVC bed sheet.

Usage of fingers, strap on (dildo), fisting, prostate massager, inflatable dildo etc

Tickling Fetish

Learn more about Titilagnia (Tickling Fetish) in my fetish fact article here.

Pony Play

Dominatrix Anita dressed in black shorts and black suede boots is riding her pony boy who is carrying head gear and a mask.

Small Penis Humiliation

U.A.E. Mistress Anita is laughing and pointing with one hand and showing a gesture of a small size with the other hand indicating small penis humiliation.

Role Play

An office role play showing Mistress Anita as the C.E.O. sitting at her desk working on her Sony laptop while her sub as the badly performing employee is forced to be a foot slave to keep his job.

Let me know what your fantasy is!

Some examples: 

  • Lazy student in need of punishment by his head mistress
  • Badly performing employee on the verge of losing his job being called into the office of his female boss
  • Maintenance guy caught checking out the client’s feet or high heel collection

Face Sitting

Naked or dressed, rimming


Dog Training

Belgian Mistress Anita is wearing a red short latex skirt and latex corset, she is standing next to a dog cage giving her slave some dog training pushing his face down into a doggy bowl.

Orgasm Denial

Learn more about Orgasm Control in my fetish fact article here.


Many exciting tools available!

Domestic Discipline

Household duties related to your fetishes

Breath Control

Domina Anita is in her bedroom in her apartment in Dubai holding down her submissive by sitting on top of him while she is performing breath control using her hands, which have yellow nail polish, blocking his nose and mouth.

Boots Fetish

Lock Up in a Dog Cage

Dubai Mistress Anita wearing a strapless short leather dress is placing a doggy bowl in the dog cage where her slave, wearing a doggy mask, is locked up.

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