Fetish Facts

When someone has a fetish, they experience an unusually strong liking or need for a specific body part, object, or material (such as Leather or PVC), an item of clothing, a particular activity or behaviour which is not considered the “norm” or “traditional” as a way of getting sexual pleasure.

Most men like a lady to wear sexy high heels, maybe even while having sex. This does not mean that these men are high heel fetishists and that they enjoy kissing and licking high heels. Others can appreciate a lady having beautifully groomed hands and feet but having an actual hand fetish or Feet Fetish is taking it to an entire different level.

You may love bondage. Just the thought of being restrained can really excite you but when you consider this a very important part to become sexually aroused to a point that its much more than just a simple turn-on, then you could call it a fetish.

The interests I mentioned on my Possibilities Page are the more mainstream fetishes.

Below you will find the more niche, lesser known or unusual fetishes. Often people have the idea that they must be the only person in the entire world having this particular fetish, to then find out that there are entire fetish communities sharing their interest.

Macrophilia – Giantess Fetish

Having a sexual attraction to a superhuman sized woman. This is in particular about being dominated, made to feel powerless, squashed, crushed, used for trampling,…

Orgasm Control

Orgasm control can be an erotically humiliating and gratifying part of a Mistress session. The idea for this power exchange is for the slave to…