Erotic Humiliation by 3 Dominant Ladies

Steve and his girlfriend Sarah were in a genuine S&M relationship. Two months after their first date, he plucked up the courage to tell Sarah about his submissive nature. He loved to worship women’s feet and to be humiliated by dominant ladies. Being open and honest about his kinkiness was the best decision he ever took as it made Sarah open up to her hidden sadomasochistic desires.

Sarah was an absolute natural in dominating men and enjoyed the idea of subs groveling at her feet. She experimented with different ways to humiliate Steve.

Today she invited two of her friends over to their house to have some fun humiliating him.
Steve had no idea what was about to happen. It was a normal Sunday morning; he was doing his chores while his Mistress girlfriend rested comfortably on the sofa.
Then the doorbell rang. When he opened the door, he saw two gorgeous women asking for Sarah. He let them in and offered them to take a seat when he saw Sarah coming out of the bedroom. She had quickly changed into a simple jeans-top and a gorgeous pair of thigh high boots. She introduced her friends Lisa and Mindy to him and ordered him to greet them. He nervously said “Hello”. She gave him a wicked smile and told him to go properly down on his knees and kiss their feet. He did what he was asked to do. Lisa was wearing white peep-toe pumps. Mindy had red high heeled wedges. One by one he kneeled before them and gently kissed both their feet. Lisa instructed him to clean the bottom of her heels, he immediately started to lick them clean. High heel worship was one of his passions.

Sarah told him get dressed in a maid’s outfit which she has kept for him in the bedroom. He wore a white blouse, a black short skirt, lingerie with cross dresser fake silicone breasts, black lace stockings with suspender belt and black shoes. When he walked into the living room and all three started laughing and pointing at him.

Sarah told him to serve the ladies some drinks. He brought a bottle of wine, poured it into 3 glasses and served them. She told him to lie on his back on the carpet. They started using him as their footrest while enjoying their drink, then started to smoke and told him to open his mouth as their ashtray. They took turns spitting in his mouth and told him to hold the spit in his mouth. The ash was burning in his mouth but he laid there like a good submissive, used by his Mistress and her friends. When they were done training him to endure this smoking fetish, they dropped the buds inside his mouth and told him to swallow it all and fast.

Sarah put a sexy R and B song and Mindy told him to do a striptease. Slowly he removed his clothing, dancing to the music while the girls kept throwing dollar notes at him shouting derogatory comments, laughing and humiliating him. The music stopped. He stood there naked and fully aroused.

Lisa called him over. She had brought a box with her and out came a horse saddle. He had never been in an animal role play before. The thought of being made ready to get some training in pony play excited him so much. Lisa put the saddle on his back, Sarah inserted a horse tail butt plug in him. They took turns riding him around the house while whipping him saying he was too slow and laughing at him. After a while, small drops of blood were dripping from his body from where they had been whipping him too hard with a riding crop. Finally they let him go. Sarah put him in the dog cage in their bedroom but not before Steve had kissed their guest’s feet. He felt so blessed to have Sarah in his life as his dominant sadistic girlfriend and his Dominatrix for life.

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