Leg Warmers Foot Worship

Feet resting on a brown blanket, most of feet covered with woolen white leg warmers and only toes with red polish visible.
This is another niche fetish! I regularly write about interesting niche fetishes here on my site under Fetish Facts. Check it out!

Your Mistress’ alone time

Goddess Anita is in a garden lying on a sun bed which is covered with white towels and she is wearing a turquoise beach dress, her legs are visible and her feet have red pedicured toe nails and in her right hand she is holding a tall cocktail with a straw and mint garnish.
I know you love to kneel and wait till I will order you to lick the sweat off of me.

Satin Fetish

Dominatrix Anita is sitting on a fauteuil with black and white upholstery wearing a black satin dress with black open sandals and blue polished toe nails are showing.
I love the softness and smoothness of this luxurious fabric and how the it tapers my body. Satin almost flows like liquid.

Glamorous is my middle name

Mistress Anita's toes with purple nail polish are showing in brown calf leather high-heeled Fendi sandals with a sculpted gold-coloured metal heel.
These Fendi wedges, made of the softest leather, feel amazing on my feet and give a strikingly glamorous look.

Bondage Fun wearing my gorgeous Leather Jumpsuit

Keeping my very obedient dog slave in place simply by keeping the leash around my foot. Next are the leather cuffs.

Femdom Punishment Role-Play

Many love to play the part of a maintenance man being caught by his female client checking out her sexy high heel collection.

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