Green as grass or experienced

Whether you are completely inexperienced or have been fully trained in serving a Mistress, you are in the best hands with me!

The M for Moschino

Or the Magnificent Mistress is admired by Masochists Mondial.

The highest Christian Louboutin Spike Heels

Dangerous and sexy platform stiletto’s with lots of sharp spikes and studs where Fetish meets Fashion.

You can trample an insect in the corner

This is what the sales person said about these sexy heels when I was trying them on. 😄

Hopelessly devoted foot slave

Watching me in my leather mistress outfit with fishnet stockings, he immediately dropped down on his knees.

Your Mistress relaxing in Dubai

Enjoying a Mistress approved bento box lunch by the pool noticing the foot loving waiter checking me out.

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