A Beautiful Day begins with …

A delicious breakfast and my tasty feet to start your day off in the very best way!

Louis Vuitton luxury gift

A gift suiting a slave’s budget is always very welcome but even more important is his servitude and interaction in the session.

Soft as Satin

Strictness and Softness can easily go hand in hand. Those of you requesting a non-Mistress outfit know it too well.

Louboutin outdid himself

When your new shoes are so colourful that every time you look at them they just make you feel it’s party time!

Green as grass or experienced

Whether you are completely inexperienced or have been fully trained in serving a Mistress, you are in the best hands with me!

The M for Moschino

Or the Magnificent Mistress is admired by Masochists Mondial.

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