Submit and worship

Toes of two feet with purple nail polish and in background baby blue Chloe flat sandals
Being helpless, smothered under my sexy feet is the perfect foot femdom dream to so many of you.

Tanning on a hot summer day

Mistress Anita is lying on a wooden sunbed which is covered with white towels, a hat and tanning oil, she is holding a smart phone and is wearing a white bathrobe showing her legs and feet with red polish, on the left of her is a wooden table with a glass with a green beverage with a black straw.
A lovely afternoon enjoying some me-time away from my slaves.

Enjoying a beverage in a coffee shop

Sitting on a sofa with print, wearing a green blouse holding a tall glass of green juice with straw which is decorated with a piece of celery and cucumber in the right hand, wearing black leather pants and two feet with baby blue nail polish resting on the sofa. too.
In my leather pants taking a quick snap for my foot lovers while nobody there realises that a Mistress is taking a foot fetish picture.

Wise BDSM Wisdom

A light brown table with water in a glass and in a caraf with fresh lemons in it, one bare foot with yellow nailpolish, a Jimmy Choo branded high heel on its own and the same shoe on the right foot which has an anklet.
When life gives you lemons, you ignore them and worship the beautiful feet in the Jimmy Choo glitter pumps!

Leg Warmers Foot Worship

Feet resting on a brown blanket, most of feet covered with woolen white leg warmers and only toes with red polish visible.
This is another niche fetish! I regularly write about interesting niche fetishes here on my site under Fetish Facts. Check it out!

Your Mistress’ alone time

Goddess Anita is in a garden lying on a sun bed which is covered with white towels and she is wearing a turquoise beach dress, her legs are visible and her feet have red pedicured toe nails and in her right hand she is holding a tall cocktail with a straw and mint garnish.
I know you love to kneel and wait till I will order you to lick the sweat off of me.

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