Beautiful female manager turns her staff into her obedient slave boy

Tony is an employee working in a marketing company. He has a very monotonous daily routine of waking up early, driving into work, returning home, preparing his dinner and making sure he gets enough sleep. Boring!
Tony’s routine however is about to change and he has no idea that it is his colleague Eliana who is going to shake up his world completely.

Eliana is a beautiful, strong, dominant lady with lots of experience managing companies & disciplining employees. Ever since she started working for the company, male employees couldnt keep their eyes off her. The moment they are in her presence, even the most confident member of staff turns into a little submissive whimp. Tony secretly enjoyed it from behind his desk that when Eliana started wearing open shoes, all foot lovers in the office would start drooling all over their keyboards. It was specifically this that made him start having femdom dreams about her. One moment he would be under her feet, Eliana would be spitting and humiliating him, the next moment his alarm would go off. Back to his mundane life.

That morning started for Tony in the usual but the moment he arrived at the office, he was told that the CEO wanted the entire department to attend a meeting as there would be an important announcement.

Thirty minutes later, they all found themselves in a
meeting room hoping they would get some good news.
The SEO got up, to get everyone’s attention. He informed them that Eliana had been promoted and that she will soon make all necessary changes in their department that are so desperately needed. He added that Eliana will be getting rid of the weakest links. This last comment made Tony shiver. He knew his performance had lately left to be desired.

Tony wasn’t exactly sure how to deal with his new boss. He never had a female boss before.
That night in bed, he started fantasising about how his bad performance at work could result in degradation and humiliation. He felt his new manager Eliana is the type of strong dominant lady who would really enjoy putting him down front of his co-workers and just the thought of that really turned him on.

The next day, Eliana started calling some of the employees in her office, one by one. By the end of the afternoon it was Tony’s turn.
Eliana: “please, have a seat”
Tony:”Thank you, ma’am”
Eliana:”Can you tell me what your job is?”
Tony:”I enter data from files to the computer of the company, filling and archiving”
Eliana:”so you are replaceable?”
Tony was shocked at this response and started to mumble knowing damn well that she might sack him.
Eliana: “Are you deaf?”
“I asked you if you are replaceable or not!“
Tony : “No, mam”
Eliana: “ No, for not being deaf or no for the fact that you are replaceable?”
Tony started sweating and was lost for words.  He opened his mouth but nothing come out.
This gorgeous “domina” in front of him managed to paralyse him totally. He felt his new hot boss turned into nothing short of a Mistress who would totally own him.

Eliana: “Listen you useless fool, I got my experience in management by ruling over pathetic men like you.”
“One look at you and I knew that you will do anything I say to keep your job”
Tony nodded.
Eliana: “It’s yes ma’am and you should learn how to address your me, do you understand?”
Tony: “yes ma’am, thank you ma’am”
Eliana: “Now let’s get down to business and by down I mean you get down on your knees like with your head facing the floor for some dog training ”
Tony was frozen and didn’t know what to do. He had always dreamt of going to see a Dominatrix for a session but had never dared to. Then he felt a hard slap on his face and heard Eliana’s voice saying “now!”

Tony rushed on all fours as a slave ready for his training. Eliana got up and walked towards Tony.
By lack of a whip, she grabbed a wooden ruler from her desk. She put a sharp heel on one of his temples but then….she pushed him flat on his stomach and started to trampling first his body and then crushing his head. She clearly wanted to let him know who is in charge.

Eliana:” from now on you will come to my office every morning at 9 am to bring me my cappuccino and to show me your high heel licking skills or any other kink or fetish I fancy that morning.” “If I am in a bad mood like today, you will be getting some over knee spanking by hand or with any of my paddles, floggers or whips that I will keep in my desk” “I will also make sure that I will bring my horse riding crop into the office for when you need whipping, I will keep the necessary bondage materials in my desk to tie you up so I can give you falaka and any other corporal punishment whenever I feel like it”
Tony stuttered:”Yes ma’am”.
He felt excitement but also relief as that this meant he would be able to keep his job.
Eliana: “Now kiss my shoes and thank me for keeping you in this firm as a slave to satisfy all my BDSM desires”
Tony:”Thank you ma’am”
Eliana then sat down with her gorgeous long legs crossed on top of her desk wearing beautiful Louboutins and she ordered him to start his new job by licking the red soles clean.
Tony rushed to obey her licking every speck of dirt on her soles hoping she would ask him to worship her feet too. Instead he felt the wooden ruler hit his hand when he got too close to her toes.
Eliana had a smile on her face showing her superiority. Tony was not the first man to be under her feet nor would he be the last.

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