A day out with his Mistress

John loves getting financially dominated by His Mistress. He agreed to be a proper paypig to Her.
He received a text saying that She wanted him to take her shopping the next morning and in case She would be pleased with him that She would let him accompany Her to lunch where they would have some fun doing public humiliation.

So the next day he drove to Mistress’ house. He rang the door bell, ran back to the car and patiently waited for Her ready to open the car door.
The minutes She kept him waiting felt like hours and finally there She was. She looked gorgeous, dressed in a red leather dress and a pair of black stilettos. Having a huge high heel fetish John had to withhold to not beg Her to put the sexy thin heels in his mouth. He could hear his heart pounding. No matter how many times he had been with his Mistress but every time he sees Her his heart just starts racing.
He opened the car door for Her and greeted with a  “Good Morning”. Mistress elegantly sat down on the passengers seat. She was so close to him yet so far. They drove off to the mall.  She treated him like a personal slave in every clothes shop they went to, demanding sizes and colors. She selected 5-6 outfits and let him settle the bill. He told Her that he wanted to serve Her in whatever way she pleases. He was after all Her paypig, Her submissive, Her FinDom slave. Financial servitude was what he lives for.

Then they went to Her favourite high end designer shoe shop. Mistress pointed at the heels she wanted to try, he would then fetch those heels and help her put them on. Just a couple of times She asked if he liked the heels. He would only drool and nod obediently.

While trying one very pointy pair of heels Mistress said that they would be perfect for trampling and lightly stepped on his hand when no one was watching. Hand trampling was a new experience for him and he loved it. She selected 2 pair of heels to purchase, he took them to get them beautifully gift wrapped and paid the bill.

As a special treat for him, She allowed him to take Her  for lunch. John felt so excited! They went to a restaurant and sat opposite each other. Mistress took the menu and ordered for both of them. For herself She ordered the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu, oysters and a lobster. For Her moneyslave she ordered just a simple sandwich and nothing to drink.

When the waiter poured Her the wine she took out a small bottle from her purse gave it him and said that there was a very special drink for him, pointing at Her sub. John immediately understood what it was. It was Her Golden Nectar. He had never experienced drinking this during the golden shower sessions. She never allowed him to drink her pee, not even one drop and now…. The waiter poured the yellow liquid into John’s glass and he immediately started drinking it. It was the best drink he had ever had. When their food arrived, she placed both her feet on his thigh. Her pointed heels dug deep into his flesh. He was in pain and pleasure at the same time.

She started to eat the oysters and he was waiting for Her to grant him the permission to start eating. Instead, she let him wait and told him to clean the bottom of Her heels. He was confused. She wanted him to publicly lick her heels? He was about to say something but he realised his place and what he should do. He took a slice of bread from his plate and started to clean the bottom for her heels. He did the same with the second slice. When he was done She said that he was now allowed to start eating!  He enjoyed his meal to the last bit, paid the bill and drove Her back to her home.
He took all the shopping bags inside Her house, got down on his knees, kissed Her feet and thanked her for a lovely day.

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